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Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Color Grey
Display Type Digital
Material Mild Steel
Max Temperature 350
Operation Grade Automatic
Type Digital, Electric

Melting Point in 250ml beaker silicon oil bath. Teflon dish cover for holding heater, capillary stand,3 capillaries holes, sensor & thermometer, 12V long lasting immersion heater connected to transformer in order to give quick heating & fine calibration, no shock hazard, built in heavy duty magnetic stirrer (in 12 Volt DC Motor) & heavy duty magnet used for trouble free & uniform stirring, heating range up to 300 ºC max. glare free back side illumination & magnifying viewing glass & 3 way rotary switch to control heating rate for diff stage of M.P.

Plus additional regulator for further heating control. Digital Indicator can be in 1ºC or 0.1ºC resolution.3 Capillaries stand & provision to keep 6mm glass boiling tube. Provided with 1 pkt of capillaries & 1 boiling tube.

It is useable to estimate the Melting Point of chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Etc.

This is very useful to determine the melting point of anysubstance.

Max Temperature up t 350°C. Consists with aluminium

Cylindrical block for heating, Radial holes admits a thermometer and glass capillary.

Temperature Controlled by energy regulator. Regulator fitted to the unit and with high, low heat switch.