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We, at SA Instruments, offer a wide range of Gas Equipments which includes manufacturing a superior quality of Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai.

We are a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of products which include hydrogen gas cylinder regulator, hydrogen gas generator, gas purification panel, ammonia gas cylinder regulator, high pressure nitrogen gas regulator and nitrogen gas cylinder regulator.

Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai

The gases utilised in the Gas Chamber have to be pure, without any impurities. Also, it should be free from Oxygen, Hydrocarbons and Vapour (Moisture) as they are harmful to the process. If any of these gases are present whlie the purification process, the results will not be up to the mark. In fact, it might affect the quality of the chamber to a great extent. Moisture and oxygen can strip phase, cause excessive bleed and thereby, damaging the purification colunm, resulting in shortening of its life span. To avoid this, different traps are used. A complete unit consisting of various purifiers & distribution panel is placed here. The panels may dwell various traps including moisture trap or a hydrocarbon trap for the gas lines.

We believe in continuous updation and maintenance of the chamber to ensure smooth functioning of the process. Any leakage or damage might affect the result as well as the product to a great extent. Our experts are involved in constant checking of the processes. We are thus considered one of the best and most astounding Manufacturter of Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai.

S A Instruments and Systems are one of the most renowned and well-established manufacturers and suppliers of Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai. The main task of this panel is to remove oxygen, moisture, N2O, Argon, hydrocarbons, oil and other materials that are obstructing a gas stream. The gas purification panel removes or rather eliminates noise and unwanted signals of gases in order to provide high resolution and peak tailing in the analysis. The co2 gas filter enhances the reproducibility of the result or analysis. The requirement for purification panel in Gas Chromatography (GC) has now acquired its actual importance in the column and the detector. A large number of problem arises in Gas Chromatographic analysis due to the presence of impure gases, the gases utilized in the GC are supposed to be pure and exempted from oxygen, hydrocarbons and moisture as they are hazardous to GC. These impure gases can easily damage the GC column and also shorten its span.

As S A Instruments and Systems are among the topmost traders and manufacturers of Gas Purification Panel for GC in India. Our ardent workforce works diligently in the fabrication of these panels by using supreme quality components that are procured from reputed vendors. Modern techniques and advanced technology are also used to provide the best range of gas purification panels. These co2 gas filters help in the reduction of the baseline noise as well as deals with drift problems. Gas purification Panel for GC in Mumbai that is manufactured by us offers a prolonged service life mainly for polar and capillary columns. These panels have a compact design, wall mounted and are also powder coated. They are capable of delivering ultra-high pure grade gases and the filters can be easily detached.

The Gas Purification Panel For GC in India are well known to improve reproducibility and protect the expensive gases through toggle valves and gas distribution panels. Additionally, the gas purification panel is capable of controlling the gas flow in the lab itself therefore, avoiding the need of going to a cylinder room. S A Instruments and Systems being among the foremost Manufacturers and Suppliers of Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai, we can provide customized panels to meet the minute specifications of the clients.

As client contentment is extremely essential to S A Instruments and Systems, we make sure that our gas purification panels are thoroughly checked and examined on the basis of several factors to identify any faults to provide an impeccable range of products to the clients.

Thus, if you are searching for Gas Purification Panel for GC in Mumbai, you are at the right place. We also offer a wide range of other Gas Equipments like Gas Cylinder Pressure Regulator in Mumbai.

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Body Material SS
Condition New
Flow rate 250 lpm
Port Size 1/8 inch
Inlet Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Outlet Pressure 7 kg/cm2

A number of problems in Gas Chromatographic analysis are caused by impure gases the gases used in the GC have to be pure and free form Oxygen Hydrocarbon and moisture as they are harmful to GC

The hydrocarbons present may give baseline noise and irreproducible results

Moisture and oxygen can strip phase case excessive bleed thus damaging the GC column or shorten its span

Improves reproducibility of analysis

Reduce baseline noise, drift problems, etc.

Increase column life preferably for polar & capillary columns

Deliver better than UHP grade gases

Increase detector life & reduces flame problem

Save costly gases through toggle valves & gas distribution panel

Compact design, wall mounted, powder coated

Deliver Ultra high pure (UHP) grade gases

Filters are easily detachable

Suitable for 10 kg/cm2 inlet pressure & 7 kg/cm2 Outlet pressure Deliver Ultra high pure (UHP) grade gases

1/4" or 1/8" fittings & tubing's for each line

Custom made Gas filter station can be made as per order 1/4" or 1/8" fittings

Gas Purification Panel is used in Gas Chromatograph for FID, TCD, ECD,ICP, MS, AAS