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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include vacuum filter holder, probe sonicator, ultrasonicator bath, nitrogen evaporator, grey color agate mortar pestle and kbr die set.

Vacuum Filter & Holder

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Electrical Supply 230
Material Mild Steel

Ultrasonic Processor (Probe Sonicator) is a tool specially designed for Pharmaceutical, Chemical Labs and various Research Institutes.

Some of its Applications are:

  • Tissue Processing (Plant & Animal Tissues)
  • Emulsification of Immiscible Liquids.
  • De-gassing & De-aerating of Liquids.
  • Formulations
  • Particle Dispersion.
  • In small volume batches of about 500ml.
  • Homogenization, Micro fined Emulsion.

    More stable compares to other processes

    Very Flexible. It can easily be transferred from one batch to other without intermediatory operations like Emptying, cleaning refilling. Ultrasonic Processor can be transported to various locations of sample operations.

    Ultrasonic Generator to produce High Electrical Energy operating at a frequency of 20Khz and an Ultrasonic Power 120watts.

    S.S. Velocity Horn fitted with PZT Crystals (Transducer Elements). This Velocity Horn assembly converts the electrical frequency energy fed from the Ultrasonic generator to mechanical vibrations at the rate of applied electrical frequency. The amplitude of these mechanical vibrations are magnified by this velocity Horn. This Velocity Horn is used for the processing applications.

    High frequency vibrations are produced by the S.S. Velocity Horn which is immersed into the liquid to be processed. The vibrations give raise to millions of Intense Microscopic Vacuum Bubbles which form & implode at a very high rate (twenty thousand times per second).

    This phenomenon is known as 'CAVITATION'. Cavitation gives raise to intense Local Pressure Waves & Micro Strearning of liquid round the points of collapse. This in turn produces High Shear gradients which are responsible for the above stated applications.

    Product Details:

    Sample Capacity Probe Size mm Frequency Wattage
    50ml to 500ml 20,12,6 20 khz 120 watts